Things Every Girl Should Know

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I will always
the burning throat

given by alcohol 
the aching heart 

given by loving you.

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) Dir.: Peter Jackson

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) Dir.: Peter Jackson

Also, I rock the shit out of this bun #SoHipster

Also, I rock the shit out of this bun #SoHipster

No, this will not be a 9/11 post. I am reflecting about my first week of college. So far? Classes seem like they are going to be a breeze. Math is a joke, English I have a famous country singer who worked with Elvis AND Johnny Cash, Circuit Theory and Intro to Engineering & Technology is going to be the only class that I feel like I will need help with. Luckily, I have some great friends in that class who 1) Know this shit, and 2) Its hands-on which makes things much easier for me to understand and to learn. I feel as if I have a head start on all of these Wentworth kids due to just how I’ve always been as a person. I am a “social butterfly” as my friend Manuela once called me years ago, and in return, I’ve flourished in college so far. I got that whole sense of freedom to do whatever the FUCK I want last year and over this summer so I don’t feel the need to go looking for parties or to smoke every leave of bud on campus. In fact, I’ve greatly reduced the amount of bud that I’ve been smoking. I haven’t smoked in almost a week now and I kinda like it. BUUUUUTTTT, Hempfest is this weekend so there goes my streak lol

I still need to get all of my textbooks and I have more than enough time to get homework and studying done. I have a very good feeling about this semester and my next four years here at Wentworth. I joined the Society of Women Engineers PRIMARILY to go to LA in October for an engineering convention but I would honestly love to see more women in the engineering field. Because this sausage-fest of a school is gunna get real tiring real quick and I wanna see women make bank just like I’m going to be making because everyone deserves an opportunity to make a shitload of money and engineering is the fucking cash cow right now and will continue to be in the future.

It’s hard to not quit my job to focus on school but I do enjoy seeing that $150+ and knowing the other $150 is going into my savings. So there’s that and the fact that I’m getting a raise. 

This concludes my post of the day. I need to start doing this more often. It’s always nice to get all of this out somewhere.~

Saturday, August 30, 2014

So yesterday was the second time I tripped on mushrooms. Probably the most intense, eye opening, mind opening and out of bofy experience I’ve ever personally been through. Made me question everything with, “But, why?”. Everything. And a looott of shit was moving around and breathing. I’ve learned a lot about myself through this trip. There’s a lot out there that could easily distract you from your main goal in life. In the end, we’re all really just trying to better our own lives or we’re working to make other people’s lives better, whether we want to or not. Life is not as simple as I sometimes think.

Its 4:20 (go figure) and I’m anxious about school. Not about the social aspect. I’m fucking AWESOME with people, but with time management and focusing on school. That’s what I’m afraid of. Because that’s what I have to work on to better myself. If I can do that, then I will really have my life by the balls.

I hope I’ll find people who I can really connect with on deeper levels at Wentworth. Meaningful relationships just make my life that much stress free. Once again, I’m being selfish but I need something to keep me sane. These shrooms had me tripping major balls.

Oh yeah, almost got attacked by a women who looked just like a zombie today in the arbs. At night. This women with a blanket wrapped around her turned around after passing me and my friends, and came towards us. Pretty quickly. Niggas was OUT. Probably the scariest moments of my life. She looked just like a zombie it was crazy.

Anyways, I vented and I want to shower. I might get some sleep. We’ll see. ~

So I’m stuck at work until 11 so I might as well write. It’s been a while. Tomorrow is the last day of my Summer Math class. Monday is my final. I really should pass it. I get 4 college credits if I do. That’s pretty fucking rad. There’s a mouse at work and he’s smart as fuck. They’ve set so many traps up under the fridges and hes still out here husslin. Starin this lil nigga down as I type this.

This is what my life has become. Work and school. I barely pick up anymore and I don’t know how I feel about that.
I love smoking weed. I owe a lot to weed actually. It really helped me get through some shit and it’s just a lot of fun. But its also an expense and I’m cheap as fuck (sometimes).

My friends choose weed over me and its pretty shit. Fuck them though. I don’t need their shit regardless. They’ve only held me down lately. I will admit that I love having company and friends around though.

Adrian is still around which is awesome. He’s been around and a loyal friend since eighth fucking grade. I find it ironic that he’s my dealer and we don’t even smoke everytime we hangout. He’s the only friend I have that will still hangout with me and not want to always get stoned. Its really something great.

I’m geeling pretty shitty today. Maybe its the weather. It probably is. Whatever it may be, I just want school to start so I can find new friends and new experiences. ~